About Us

Jai Ganesh Bullion is one of the most reputed and leading silver bullion trading companies in South India. Founded in 1994, by our founder Mr.Sudhir Kumar Thukral under the guidance of proprietor Mr. Sudhir kumar Thukral,We have achieved tremendous success in the business due to competitive price of silver in South India we have established an unsurpassed track record of selling silver with lowest price it has become the most preferred bullion trading company because of its transparency and purity of the metal. In recent years, people have become more active in silver trading and most of them have chosen JGR Bullion for buying and selling silver.

It has become one of the premier destinations for investing in silver bullion. We encourage everyone, from employees in MNCs to businessmen, to purchase the precious metal at the right time. Irrespective of the volume of trade, we deliver the finest quality of silver to the buyer within the stipulated time.

Jai Ganesh Refinery, shortly called JGR, was started in the year 1995 with a goal of providing a world-class purest form of silver to the people. It is only one of the few that uses advanced technology to produce silver of finest quality. The quality of silver showcases consistency and purity and follows international standards. We use environment-friendly methods in our refinery and thus, the silver is safe for the environment.